Negative situations?

Overcomes depression and exhaustion

If you want feel...

Happy and energetic

You feel lonely?.

Change for ever...

Few minutes at day

To be healthy

Increase your potential

Motivated effortlessly

Dont find the happiness?

Change your life with CT

What is a CT?

Do you suffer these symptoms?

Unexplained physical exhaustion.
Mental exhaustion.
Constant stress.
Lack of motivation
Frequent anger, to life or other people
You feel like are in a ditch or well, or you’ve fallen into an abyss.

You have the opportunity to change all that. To achieve this you only need you to do the CT for your situation. Get your life. Find happiness and also your true and natural lot in life. Stop suffering and being trapped in negative situations.
The CT is a Personalized Treatment Course, and it involves a very exclusive personal design, that functions as a training tool and a treatment at the same time. The CT consists of a tuning system towards personal energy. I create it through the capture of different vibrations from each individual. These vibrations are unique to each person and correspond to a system of energy. This is why CT needs to be custom designed to every patient. According with the steps above a CT designed achieves the emotional and mental recovery of the individual. Restoring these factors potentiates the ability and personal performance, take off and helping so the person can reach their projects and goals in much less time of what is required. Therefore, it generates a saving of wear from mood levels preventing it from falling into depression or discouragement that limits the performance.
The first change that has to occur is a release, which is primarily from the mental level. That’s how a key that opens the emotional channels is obtained, where the energy compresses the personal capacity.
You possess a potential. You already bring certain characteristics in relation to life, the ones that in a natural way are always designed for your progress and developments. However, there are more obstacles than moving forward or progress on the daily living, and this is because throughout life we absorb negativity and bad energy that damages the natural free flow.
Another major change caused by the CT, is the development and finding personal happiness, a fundamental and necessary tool to maintain the will in achieving success. In addition, the CT reaches a high level of “release of the mind”. When the mind limits us to develop and direct our purpose and ideas toward projects, creating for a continuous burst of fear and neuro-electric impulse’s that limits and paralyzes the mind and also personal development.
You can achieve the change of all the customized neuro-electric system in a quick way and without effort though the CT custom design.

How the CT works

The CT can be worked in two different ways:

1. Once designed and made all its development, the individual will use it for 1 hour a day, previously established, the best convenient time in accordance with the data obtained throughout the personal graphic and diagram. Possible times to use the treatment CT is fixed when it is created, so the person can choose the most convenient time according to your day. The variety of times to perform CT is a result of the factors appearing in the different graphics when we are preparing the personal audio, and they are the most convenient times for that individual in particular. The personal information is, like the time of birth and date, as well the season of the year in which we are at the time the CT is created for the individual, all these factors that intervene in the correct elaboration and utilization of the CT.
2. The individuals who have used their personalized CT and have added the program Wave at Distance that I create with your personal energy, reached much faster and greater volumes of the desired changes and welfare in all personal aspects. This can be made requesting a personalized CT with the assistance that I provide. First, a Personal Diagram is created to extract the data that makes up the CT, and then follows the application for 1 hour a week or daily depending on the particular case, which consists of the session where the person will be performing their CT while receiving the emission of Distance Wave treatment. Special care must be taken in laying down the correct times when trying to CT in other countries, since the emission of waves must be synchronized at the time. This whole process takes a very precise method in which the person is doing his CT at their place of residence, while I am directing the appropriate wave’s frequency.

Why a Personal CT is not recommended to be used by another individual?

The characteristics found in the personalized CT are unique to each person. This means that you cannot use the same treatment across the board because then we would not be addressing the key issues or difficulties personally. Each individual has a different tuning and so the CT that they will receive is different. Therefore, if we ask to hear the same audio adequate for one patient to different individuals, one could fall into a mix of distortion of the neuro-electric sources. This can lead to an unwell filling or a state of confusion.

The CT system may change your life.

Easy and fast. It requires no effort, only to realize the treatment record.

Energy & Soul Healer

Know the way to a higher quality of life, know how to identify and clean negative energies, generate positive energies, enhance your aura, have a positive attitude and achieve prosperity through appropriate spiritual help. Luis Orsi in his trajectory as a Therapist has worked directly with thousands of people, and also with those who through distance have carried out the Technique of Waves to Distance, which is applied with very good results..

more about de Luis Orsi


The steps to create the CT

The recommendation is to create a Diagram, before a CT is created. In this way I manage various graphs through waves at a distance, capturing the most appropriate values to a particular individual that allows me to find the frequency of the customized auric field. Through this frequency I reach the tuning of the melody that in second place it will be taken to the composition of a musical and Audio intro, in which offers an introduction, and having all tools in place, so a CT can be developed with the maximum results. Besides that an Explanatory Audio is integrate for the particular case being treated.
After all the previous steps are done, The CT takes a secondary process, which consists in sending all material to a recording studio for completion. In this way the CT Therapy Course that the individual receive is under the supervision of professionals along the entire process and required for a custom wave treatment. The technicians have my utmost confidence, because if the audio was altered incorrectly we couldn’t get t get the desired results.


Get your life.

Find happiness and also your true and natural lot in life. Stop suffering and being trapped in negative situations. The duration of CT treatment is pre-set time and should be respected. The patient must be aware that when the periods are not taken into account and the time delimited by the CT is not observed, the treatment is lost and must start again from scratch. When a prescription of the CT is created, the duration of the course is based on the achievable potential of each one, according to its tonal vibration when recording vocals. If this time passes without treatment takes place, the aural values are not maintained at their level, and they decrease, causing the next CT to fail to harmonize with the previous one, this is the called phase shift treatment. CT treatment has different levels of implementation, ranging in each case according to the tonal vibration. From 6 months, in mild cases to 8 months in cases more complicated or more difficult, and longer than 8 months, when the case is complicated and also difficult to restructure patient energy.


Steps to order the Custom CT.

The requirements for the CT to be performed are the patient’s personal information
The cost of each CT is divided into:
- Costs of Design for Custom Treatment
- Technical processing costs from the recording studio plus consistent incorporation of therapeutic exercises
After completing the above mentioned steps it is necessary to handle the technical part of the audio and the incorporation of the therapy prescribed by Luis Orsi according to each particular case.

Each person wishing to begin a process of positive change in your life should be in communication with the mail box:

Patient’s personal information:

• Full name
• Date of birth
2 photographs, recent, with good resolution and sharpness.
• Mp3 voice recording with the instructions will be given the time to communicate.


After completing the above mentioned steps it is necessary to handle the technical part of the audio and the incorporation of the therapy prescribed by Luis Orsi according to each particular case.

Do you ask these questions to yourself every day?
For how long shall I be passing through this these negative situations?
Why life will not allow me to progress?
You have the opportunity to change all that.

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